They are issued for the period of study and the presence of payment of the course. For example study in language schools, universities and private schools, sports academies and other educational institutions located in Spain. Renewal takes place in the territory of Spain annually or by each course.

We help you with

Registration for the exam

Payment of fees

Preparation for exams

Sending all the documentation

Response to requirements

Receive notifications

Birth registration of a child

Identity card or passport

And also we help in:

Legal protection

Legal protection and appeals against denial of citizenship.

Citizenship for your children

Obtaining Citizenship for your children under the age of 18 by choice or by simple presumption.

Registration of marriage

Registration of marriages in the Central Register of Civil Status


From October 15, 2015, in order to obtain Spanish citizenship, the Ministry of Justice makes it obligatory to pass two exams: a DELE Spanish language test of level A2 or higher and a test confirming knowledge of the Spanish Constitution, Spanish social and cultural reality: CCSE
minors and persons under guardianship are exempted from these two tests, and persons with citizenship of countries or territories in which Spanish is the official language are exempted from testing for knowledge of the Spanish language.
From “October 11, 2016 they can be exempted from such exams at the request of the Ministry of Justice, which will check the personal circumstances and evidence of candidates who are in the following cases:

Language Difficulties

People who cannot read and write.

Learning Difficulties

People with learning difficulties.


Who studied in Spain and completed compulsory secondary education.

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