Obtain a Residence in Spain

Residence permit

With the right to work for social settledness in the presence of:

A residence permit confirming the continuous presence in Spain for at least three years


Certificate of completion of language courses at least 45 hours

Labor Pre-Contract

 A labor pre-contract for a period of at least 1 year, signed by the employer and a set of necessary documents from the employing company or individual employer

Criminal Records

Criminal records obtained in the country of birth. It is issued in person or by proxy. A power of attorney can be drawn up at a Spanish notary.

Obtain a Residence

Obtaining a residence without the right to work

Non-Right to Work

Obtaining a residence without the right to work
Such a residence permit is given for one year with the right of further extension. After 6 years, you have the right to apply for permanent residence, and also get the right to work, and in the future – citizenship.
This option is the fastest and easiest to receive if you can prove your financial stability. Documents must be submitted confirming the availability of income or financial means for living in Spain during the year (based on a minimum of € 25.560 per applicant and € 6.720 for each next family member). This residence permit does not imply that you intend to work in Spain.

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