We work with the insurance company Mapfre. It is the 11th insurer in Europe and one of the top 20 US insurance companies. Today, Mapfre has 29 million customers who trust the different insurance needs of this company.

Mapfre is a leading insurance company in Spain. The company has a wide base of the best medical facilities, hospitals in which you can get help. Mapfre insurance policy meets all the requirements for emigration and visa to obtain a residence, including repatriation, the presence of which is required when you will register a residence.

Mapfre insurance company provides insurance coverage for all types of treatment (except for dental services). The price of an annual contract varies by age and the presence of chronic diseases. The approximate cost of an annual contract costs the client 50 euros per month or 600 euros per year. Monthly payment is provided if there is an account opened with a Spanish bank. The minimum contract period is 1 year.

Required Documents:

The presence of a residence

International passport

NIE (If you have one)

Other Insurances:

If you need quality medical care in Europe, call us and we will help you to get it. This may be an examination in the best clinics in Spain, pregnancy and childbirth planning, treatment and prophylaxis of chronic diseases, oncology, etc.

 In addition to a medical policy, we can arrange any type of insurance, such as car insurance, real estate, business

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