Consierge Services

We understand that the most valuable thing for you is your time. With our services you can do what is important to you, we will do the rest for you. Turning to us, you will feel your life differently and forget about many routines issues that were near you throughout your life! Our agents will make your life comfortable.

Consierge Services


Our Service

We will book a hotel for you, buy plane tickets, pick you up at the airport, take you to the booked restaurant, opera and football, organise an excursion program for you and your children, arrange an accompaniment for any negotiations or events, organise and accompaniment to shopping, solve design issues and furnishings in your apartments, we organise rents from sports equipment to luxury yachts, we can select and accompany you to clinics of aesthetic surgery, dentists and hospitals, we will solve problems of you health insurance, real estate and transport, and much more. 

Our Philosophy

We will respond to any of your requests and help in resolving any of them that does not go beyond the law. We will find the best solution for the task! All you need to do is look in our direction. We will understand everything without words! Everything will be confidential. We try not to use the word “no.” It is easy and convenient with us. Before your call, we will already know the answers to your questions. This is our work and our lifestyle!

About the Agency

Our concierge agency is located in Barcelona. But concierge service is available all over Spain 24/7/365! Concierge service prices are negotiated individually depending on the services purchased. The main advantages of working with us are:

  • In order to receive our services it is not necessary to sign a contract for 1 year. You can choose one-time services. you can sign a contract for a month, period you stay in Spain or for 1 year.
  • Your personal assistant is assigned to you. You do not have to talk with different assistant every time. Your Assistant will become your right hand and your assistant in Spain.
  •  We guarantee reliability, attention to each client, diligence, and the most important is complete confidentiality. Contact with any of your problems or your question by e-mail or phone. We guarantee an answer to any question within 24 hours!
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