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It all started in 2010, when I decided to send my 12 years old son to play tennis to sunny Spain. It was more like a fairy tale full of adventure than an immigration. The choice of a tennis academy was made very spontaneously on the advice of people whose children had already trained at this academy. I must say right away that the price, the opportunity for my son to learn Spanish and training with a best coaches, climate, ecology, sun interested me. We began to make documents for a student visa (D visa). In October 2010, my son moved to Spain. First years he lived, studied and trained alone. During this period, an extension of the student card was made several times. The first experience of re-registering the residence through the Consulate General of Spain in Moscow was obtained because the child changed his place of residence and moved to another tennis academy. Nobody had warned us about such situations before.



In autumn of 2016, I decided to move permanently to Spain. I opened a D visa, received a residence without the right to work. Then everything spun and I plunged into Spanish and emigration reality … I went through many stages of adaptation and socialisation during these years of life in Spain and gained a lot of experience. Made a lot of mistakes that you can avoid thanks to my web and my advices. My web and my services are for those who decide to move, buy real estate, invest in business, for those who want to live in Spain. I and my partners, whose competencies I trust and can recommend as professionals, are ready to provide help to everyone and support. No services will be provided on this site that have not personally affected us.

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We individually approach each client and each specific situation: visa and citizenship in Spain, training and professional development, buying and starting a business, accompanying, moving and importing personal property into the country without paying customs duties, including changing the license plate on your car, buying and selling lands, construction and design work, investment projects, obtaining medical services and all types of insurance, the selection of tennis academies, schools, courses and universities, open bank account and deposits in Spain, rental and sale of apartments and homes, lawyer services.

Our Team

Our team is a group of professional managers who will help you choose the right path for your lifestyle and your wishes. With our service you can easily achieve a result that is difficult for you to achieve on your own, using our contacts and our experience in various fields of the services provided. You will receive full support from friendly and dedicated experts who will help organise ideal conditions and guarantee results for any of your requests.

Our service is designed for you. Solving your questions in just one click from you!

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